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Why travel with us?

Enjoy homemade gourmet food.

Discover the local cuisine.

Have fun learning how to cook during our cooking classes. Gourmet dog food prepared by a specialized chef with all the nutrients and fresh ingredients you expect
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Expert Dog Assistant

Our itinerary has been designed so your little best friend can have fun as well! We will also take care of your dog when you can't!

When visiting sites where dogs are not allowed, we will happily take care of them. 

A professional photographer will be at your disposal for 30 minutes to take memorable pictures of you and your dog on location.

This trip of a lifetime will be immortilized in a spectacular portofolio for you to keep and share with friends.

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Local Expert Guides

Our English speaking licensed guides will help you explore unique and amazing sites. We carefully selected the best professionals to make your adventure memorable.

Our tour leader will be at your disposal from the beginning to the end.

Deluxe Accommodations

We have selected deluxe accommodations located in the  stunning countryside and away from the busy city centers.
The hotels have been selected with your fur babies in mind so they can feel pampered as well!

Travel Like a Local

Our special experiences will take you to the most amazing, local and unique destinations.

You will experience the local way of living, away from the crowd of tourists.

An experience of a lifetime to enjoy with your dog and like-minded people.

Slow Travel

This is your vacation. We will take our time, not rush through places, with time to enjoy our meals, time to relax at our spectacular hotels, time for yourself and your little boy or girl, time to travel in style, time to appreciate...
we call it slow travel!

Veterinarian on call

In case of emergency or if you need any veterinarian assistance during the trip, you will have an immediate consultation with a medical expert to ensure your dog is receiving the best care.

We know dogs, we've been there!

Deluxe Transportation

Travel in a first class sedan or minivan with air conditioning and extra room for your pet beside you! 
We designed short rides for a stress free trip for you and your dog.
Water is always included and plenty of stops are planned.

Flight Assistance

Our team will put you in contact with air specialists for all the arrangements you need before starting your amazing vacation with your pet in Italy.

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Complimentary kennel

Upon arrival you will receive your foldable dog kennel where your dog can rest while comfortably travelling in the minibus next to you. Light and easy to fold, it will be your dog's favorite resting place!
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