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Are you an influencer? Check our new campain on

We are looking for influencers willing to be our host on our small group luxury pet friendly trips and to establish a long term partnership. 
Influencers will promote the trip to their audience and we will take care of the rest (planning, logistics, flight bookings, reservations, building your trip page, payments, traveler emails and support).

WashDog Pavia

About WashDog Pavia

The Store Wash Dog in Pavia offers the best services for the well-being of our furry friends since 2019. Serivices: washing with ozone, 24/7 self-service laundry, professional grooming, nail cutting, ear cleaning and more. Appointments available from Wednesday to Sunday 9am-7pm by calling 348.263.7051. Store with dog accessories is also available durin gthose hours. Wash Dog is a certified "Pet Vip" facility.


About Il Mio Cane

The largest Italian web portal for all pet lovers. A large community of people sharing news and events about pets and pets owners.


About Ambra

Ambra Niceforo is a blonde with a contageous enthusiasm and a deep love for her work and her small furry clients! 

La Gioia dei Cuccioli, conveniently located near Chioggia train station (Venice, Italy), is a pet grooming salon dedicated to dogs and cats - ready to accommodate all needs.

With Gioia dei Cuccioli and its customized products, your pet will have the best of care.

Petter Food.png

About Petter Food

Their motto is: Real food, real love. A healthy, complete and ready to serve food. As if it were made at home following recipes formulated by a nutritionist. Because they deserve it.

Petter's custom made food is: Monoproteic - Grain Free - With fresh ingredients - Complete - Rich in Omega
They offer vacuum-packed single portions to be kept in the refrigerator or freezer.


Are you an influencer? Do you own a pet business, a travel agency or have a network of pet lovers? Talk to us!

Here's why...

Travel is the most efficient way to gain and retain real clients:

When people travel with you, they will know you more, trust you more and talk about you more. This means more business.

You can become one of our tour ambassador, make money and travel for free!

If you decide to lead one of our tour and invite your followers, clients or friends to join you, we will brand the tour under your name, you will travel for free and earn a commission! What?... Yes!

Earn money on every booking:

We will compensate each booking coming from you with a commission. It's easy and you only need to work on your followers or client's list. We can help you with your campain, email templates, banner adds, a brochure and a dedicated website.

Add travel to your brand strategy:

Studies show that by adding a travel program to your business, not only you will generate a significant extra revenue, but you will also improve your brand awarness.

It is free!

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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Download our brochure and send it to you clients. We can customize it with you logo and contact information. 


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