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It is safe to Travel in 2022?

We are taking the Covid 19 pandemic very seriously. 

The first departure from North America will be towards the end of 2021 (September) and we hope that by then the Covid 19 will be way under controll all over the world, that a vaccine will be safe and available and that additional therapeutics will be also helpfull in fighting the desease.

In addition, we are taking these extra steps:

  • The number of participants is very low (up to 14 people) to guarantee social distancing.

  • The bus will have 3 times more seats than the number of participants, in order to guarantee more social distancing even on the bus.

  • The bus will be constantly disinfected during the trip.

  • The hotels are located in the countryside and features very large parks and common areas.

  • The hotels will clean and sanitize all rooms and public areas.

  • All air conditioning units and air filters will receive specialised treatment.

  • All employees will receive training in the new protocols. This will include interaction with guests and welcome procedures.

  • All contractors and third parties we deal with will be asked to follow the same procedures.

  • Restaurants will guarantee social distancing.

  • We are not visiting any museums. The Colosseum and Roman Forums are open air sites and they are in any case, allowing less visitors per day to allow better social distancing.

  • We are adhering to the WTTC (World Travel Tourism Council) protocals. Review the protocol HERE

Do I need a passport for my dog?

In order to travel with your pet to Italy you will need the following:

1) ISO microchip

2) Rabies vaccination

3) 21 days waiting period (after primary vaccination)

4) Have a USDA accredited veterinarian or military veterinarian, issue (complete and sign) the EU "non commercial" Health Certificate

5) Have APHIS endorse (counter-sign and emboss/seal) the EU Health Certificate

Please check with your airline or our flight consultant:

Janet Danio: 407 682 6606 or 855-722-PETS (7387)

Or send her an email by clicking HERE

Check this website for more information:

What is the maximum size allowed for my dog?

Due to some logistical, transportation and regulation restrictions, we allow you to bring a dog up to 10 kilos or 22 pounds.

There are no breed restrictions.

Do I need a dog trainer certificate?

Yes, in order to assure that dogs will go along with people and other animals during the tour, we require a certificate from a professional trainer, asserting that your dog behaves well when in public.

We will also require to submit a video of your dog while intracting with other animals and people.

Again this is done only to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of all participants.

How large is the group?

We only organize small group tours of a maximum of 14 people.

Only few like-mindedpeople will travel with you!

Can my dog get medical assistance during the trip?

Yes, we are in touch with a professional veterinarian available 24/7 in case your dog needs any medical attention.

Our local staff will also help you every step of the way so you can get the assistance you deserve.

Can my dog travel in the airplane cabin with me?

Yes, some dogs can travel in the cabin, however there are some restrictions due to the size and number of dogs on board.

Please check with your airline or our flight consultant:

Janet Danio: +1 407 682 6606 or 855-722-PETS (7387)
Or send her an email by clicking HERE

Can I bring my dog inside a museum?

No, unfortunately you cannot bring your dog inside museums or most monument sites, however, you will enjoy the visit while our dog escort will take care of your best friends outside!

You will never miss a visit or a shopping opportunity because your dog cannot enter a building. We will be there to assist you at all time!

Where does my dog sleep at night?

Upon arrival at the hotel, we will give you a free heavy duty kennel that you can use at night as a dog bed inside your room.

Your best friend will stay with you at all time!

If you want to have him or her in your bed...well, we know how it is!

How many people and dogs can be on the tour?

We allow a maximum of 16 people and 16 dogs on the tour.

Every single passenger can travel with one pet.

If you are a couple with two pets at home, you can bring them with you!

Where does my dog stay while on the bus?

We have selected a very comfortable bus, that will hold way many more seats than the number of tour participants.

You will have plenty of space to accommodate your dog next to you, inside the kennel that you will receive at the beginning of the trip.

Are we going to have breaks while travelling?

Yes! We will have plenty of stops.

Between one stop and the other, while travelling, we will stay on the bus for a maximum of 2 hours. The average is 1 hour.

So short little trips and plenty of time to stretcht their legs!

Can you accommodate my dog's special needs?

We will do our best to accommodate any special needs for your dog. 

In order to do that, please let us know what special requests you may have so we can work on that before hands.

What should I bring for my dog?

Since food and shelter are taken care of, you don' need to bring much!

Just what you would bring when you normally travel with your pet.

Just don't forge to talk to your vet and be ready with all the vaccinations!

What is not included in the trip?

- The flight portion of the trip is not included.

We are partnering with a professional travel agent specialized on booking flights for people travelling with pets.

Please contact:

Janet Danio: +1 407 682 6606 or 855-722-PETS (7387)Or send her an email by clicking HERE

- Gourmet dog food is provided and all meals with beverages are included for each participants.


- During the day at leisure we included a dog photoshooting but any extra activities are at your own expense.


- Tips are not included and are at your discretion.

Do I need to bring my dog medical records?


You are required to bring any of your dog's veterinary records and vaccination records with you during the trip.

In case of emergency and in order to clear customs, you need to have with you all your dogs medical records.

This is very important!

Can you address food allergies?


If notified in advance, we can make sure that any food allergy for you or your pet will be addressed.

Just let us know by email ( well in advance!

Will I have some alone time to enjoy?


Our itinerary is a mix of fun and interesting activities as well as some time to relax at leisure.

We believe in "slow travel " and therefore our excursions are relaxed, no rush! We never overpack a day and include several breaks.

Do you require a minimum number of passengers for the tour to depart?

Yes, we do require a minimum number of passengers for each tour.

Tuscany & Lazio Tour - min. 9 passengers for guaranteed tour departure.

Sicily Tour - min. 8 passengers for guaranteed tour departure.

South of France Tour - min. 10 passengers for guaranteed tour departure.

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