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Ivan Dog.jpeg

Ivan & Calliope

Chief Barketing Officers

Ivan Matta, our co-founder, is an experienced travel professional with strong specialization in the Italian destinations.

Born in the beautiful island of Sardinia, after college and work in Milan, Ivan left Italy for the States, choosing Manhattan as his primary base.

His knowledge of the Italian destination and its services and products and the key players in the North American market has given him the opportunity to be a decision maker for the company he has worked for and helped them succeed.

With his own company, Ivan is finally controlling every aspect of the services provided to his client. His dream is to offer top-notch travel experiences to his clients in Italy.

His favorites:

Country: Italy

City: Milan

Wine: Passito di Pantelleria

Dish: Fregola with clams and mussels (Sardinian dish)

Song: All I ask of you

Movie: Midnight Express

Book: The old man and the sea

Sport: Soccer

Sara Dog.jpeg

Sara & Brenda

Heads of Puplick relations

Born in Venice, Sara is a knowledgeable Italy expert. She loves her city and she wants to show everyone the best Italy can offer. She graduated with a university degree in Translation, specializing in Tourism and International Trade.

Based in Venice, she represents the Italian office of the company, ready to help clients with their every need. 


Her favorites:

Country: Italy

City: Venice

Wine: Prosecco

Dish: Risotto with pumpkin

Song: The chain

Movie: The Dark Crystal

Book: American Gods

Sport: Venetian rowing


Lisa & Leone

Head of Sales and Cuddles

Born in Dolo, Venice, after graduating from the University of Padua, Lisa began to deal with tourism, a great passion that has accompanied her for over two decades. The experiences acquired within important T.O., airlines and at the Venice airport allow her to have a complete view of the journey and to provide customers with enthusiasm, serenity and safety at all times.


Her favorites:

Country: Italy

City: Siracusa

Wine: Rabosello

Dish: Seafood pasta

Song: Nothing else matters

Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Book: Journal d'un corps

Sport: Volleyball

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