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Health & Safety Protocols

Our pledge: We are taking the Covid 19 pandemic very seriously and we are doing all we can to make travel safe.

The first departure from North America will be towards the end of 2021 (September) and we believe that by then the Covid 19 will be way under control all over the world, that a vaccine will be safe and available and that additional therapeutics will be also helpful in fighting the disease. is proud to have worked closely with our partners in Europe, to deliver the quality, comfort and safety you deserve. Whether it be hotels and resorts, restaurants, wineries or transportation companies, their meticulous health and safety protocols reflect commitment in making travel safe. 

In addition to our supplier partners, we have also been actively engaged with global travel organizations to standardize health and safety protocols throughout the travel industry, like WTTC (World Travel Tourism Council).


WTTC (World Travel Tourism Council) protocols, are health and sanitation guidelines developed by the tour industry's major global operators:, and our supplier partners, meet and exceed these guidelines to guarantee the highest standards in the industry. The guidelines can be downloaded HERE

In particular, during our tours, we are taking these extra steps:

  1. The number of participants is very low (up to 14 people) to guarantee social distancing.

  2. The bus will have 3 times more seats than the number of participants, in order to guarantee more social distancing even on the bus.

  3. The bus will be constantly disinfected during the trip.

  4. The hotels are located in the countryside and feature very large parks and common areas.

  5. The hotels will clean and sanitize all rooms and public areas.

  6. All air conditioning units and air filters will receive specialized treatment.

  7. All employees will receive training in the new protocols. This will include interaction with guests and welcome procedures.

  8. All contractors and third parties we deal with will be asked to follow the same procedures.

  9. Restaurants will guarantee social distancing.

  10. We are not visiting any museums. The Colosseum and Roman Forums are open air sites and they are in any case, allowing less visitors per day to allow better social distancing.

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